Welcome to Marco at the Music Studio

Classical. Flamenco. Jazz and Rock are all musical styles which I enjoy teaching, performing and recording, both as a solo artist and in ensemble.

Enhance your musical experience, education and potential in any one of these diverse styles by contacting me and exploring how I can assist you in attaining your musical aspirations. I offer the perspective of my training and immersive experience in performance, teaching, and transcribing music both internationally and nationally. 

Music is the language without borders. and a sound understanding and passion make it possible for refining  artistic expression with excellence.  Because of this, I have been able to have a classical guitar debut at Carnegie Recital Hall, perform with the Santa Fe Opera, publish my transcription of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in a Japanese Publication, and perform with my San Miguel Trio in a movie, Kickboxer 2, my transcription of a D Minor Double Violin Concerto by Bach.

I have also had the joy of rocking in clubs such as Paradiso and the Melkweg in Amsterdam and was privileged to accompany the great Flamenco dancer, Brigit Lujan.   The enrichment of guitar repertoire and technique is something I am passionate about.  You, too, may be able to realize your musical dreams.